Outshine your ride to its POTENTIAL

More than 400 colours to choose and make your vehicle greater than others. Change it looks within 3 days and get FRESH.

Testimonials from clients

Top notch workmanship with quality products. Muadz charges responsibly without cutting any corners and does the job like he is wrapping his own car. Must support WrapXpert! Truly sincere wrap business ?

Aaron Kong / Facebook Review

Servis terbaik, berpengalaman, wrap dengan penuh teliti, senang berurusan, mudah mesra, mmg recommended Sgt, wrapping pn mmg lawa, ??? mmg boleh bgi 10 ? puas hati sgt2, harga pn berbaloi

Mijie Farah / Google Reviews
not only are their products top shelf but their service and work produced is the best i have had to offer.
muaz is superb.
Shariff Shah / Facebook Review

Service tersangat lah okay reply and bagitau info pun cepat saya sangat berpuas hati dgn design yang telah saya buat dgn kedai wrapx decoration memang mempunyai design design yang lawa

Ahmad Safi / Google Reviews